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Overall 40% or more return on investment.

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About us

We’re the leading weekly options alert service provider in North America. We employ advanced technique to predict the price action of weekly options, yielding maximum gain. Our experienced team members monitor market movement, news, and political announcements.  We specialize in analyzing technical and fundamental indicators to predict short-term moves in individual securities.  Through many years of experience, we have devised a set of techniques that generates alpha while hedging risk. Furhtermore, these techniques have been tailor-made to minimize risk. Normally, we recommand two or three weekly options buy every week.

What do we offer? – Daily options alert via email.

We perform data analytics of market leader stocks. Based on analysis and price movement, we decide entry point of potential options buy for maximum gain.

We recommend two or three weekly options poisitons to trade per week.  Normally, our goal is to achieve 40% – 60% gain on each position. Normally two alerts per day.

QUALITY:  Our advance technology and years of experience enables to predict the price action of weekly options, yielding maximum gain.  As a result, we have able to achieve our 40% or higher ROI. Our past TRACK RECORDS says it all.

REALIBILITY:  You can always count on us to receive Options Alerts on-time. Also we post our daily Options Alert in CLIENT AREA to make sure our clients can access through our secure website.  We do not want our client to miss any trade opportunity.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  It is our top priority to proivide the best customer service possible.  We listen to our clients and improving our customer service is continuous process.

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Why do investors trade Options?


Options may proivde increased cost efficiency for higher return on investments.


Options may have LESS RISK than trading equities.


Options may have potential to deliver higher return on investment.  We target 40% or more ROI.


Options offer many strategies to hedge RISK and increase potential REWARDS.
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